SpeedUpMyPC 2010

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What does this software do?

The problem:
Is your PC getting slower? With so many different settings, files and processes to monitor, it is hard to identify just what is slowing you down, let alone implement the necessary technical adjustments to recover speed and performance.

The solution:
SpeedUpMyPC scans your computer to identify the processes, files and settings that are slowing you down, before wielding a powerful range of tools to optimize your system for improved performance. With single click simplicity, network settings, RAM and CPU function are all scanned, cleaned and tuned for speed, while junk files are deleted for space. The result is a computer that works faster and better.


Uniblue Registry Booster 2010

Fix Your PC’s Errors

With RegistryBooster’s Advanced Error Detection Technology, errors identified in the scan are safely removed and repaired

Boost Your PC’s Speed

RegistryBooster’s defrag technology optimizes your registry to increase PC speed.

Increase Your PC’s Performance

RegistryBooster will remove unwanted registry entries, you will see an increase in the performance of your PC.

Prevent Crashes & Freezes

RegistryBooster fixes corrupt registry entries ensuring that you will no longer suffer random PC crashes & freezes.

Clean Your System

RegistryBooster cleans out all missing & unnecessary registry entries to keep  your PC’s registry in pristine condition.

Uniblue is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Winner of over 100 5-star awards

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Learn more about how RegistryBooster works:

How does it work?

The registry is central to your computer’s health as it contains essential instructions that are continuously accessed. RegistryBooster optimizes your PC by fixing or removing instructions that are harmful or useless.

Overclockersclub.com - Review review

Overclockersclub.com – Review

“I have to admit I was a bit shocked on how well the Uniblue Registry Booster 2010 performed.” “The biggest improvement was to the Windows startup and shutdown times from both systems. The desktop computer started a full 14 seconds …

Software you can trust

A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Uniblue delivers products that are safe and secure. RegistryBooster passes through regular and stringent testing and is certified to be malware, adware and virus free.

Better performance
or your money back

RegistryBooster optimizes your PC by servicing your registry. If, for any reason, you are not pleased with our product, contact our customer support team within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the full purchase price.

E.M. Total Video Converter 3.50

Total Video Converter 3.50 (Windows)

“Convert all video files to AVCHD, psp, iPod, iPhone, swf, flv, DVD, VCD, Xbox360, PS3… !”

E.M. Total Video Converter is a piece of extremely powerful and full-featured converter software that supports almost all video and audio formats. The software is designed to convert video for your mobile video player as 3gp, mp4, PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone etc and also VCD or DVD player, XBOX360.

New Total Video Converter 3.50 let you experience Unparalleled High-Definition movie. It is the best and unique software today with incomparable support for converting and burning video to AVCHD disc which can work on PS3 and Blu-ray player. Meanwhile, it supports for converting and burning video to HD formats like H.264 TS, Mpeg-2 TS, WMV-HD, MKV-HD, DivX-HD, Divx-HD, MOV-HD, FLV-HD and MP4-HD.

E.M. Total Video Converter V3.50 New Features:

1 Convert and burn video to AVCHD which can work on PS3 and Blu-ray player. What’s more, the HD videos of AVCHD (*.mts, *.m2ts, *.ts) can been converted to any other video formats.
2 Convert video to HD formats like H.264 TS, Mpeg-2 TS, WMV-HD, MKV-HD, DivX-HD, Xvid-HD, MOV-HD, FLA-HD and MP4-HD
3 Convert and burn WMV-HD video to DVD. Meanwhile, it can work on XBOX360.
4 Convert and burn common video to DivX-DVD. More importantly, it can work on DVD player with DivX capability.
5 Integrate a free tool for capturing game video.

Main Features of Total Video Converter:

* Convert all kinds of videos to mobile videos or audios (mp4, 3gp, xvid, divx mpeg4 avi, amr audio) which are used by cell-phone, PDA, PSP, iPod, iPhone, Xbox360, PS3 etc.;
* Photos slide show combines multi-photos and musics with more than 300   photos fantasy transition effect;
* High compatibility and high efficiency for Importing RMVB or RM video/audio;
* Convert various videos to MPEG videos compatible with standard DVD/SVCD/VCD;
* Burn the converted videos to DVD/SVCD/VCD;
* Rip DVD to popular videos of all sorts;
* Extract audio from various of videos and convert which to all kinds of audios (mp3, ac3, ogg, wav, aac);
* RIP CD to audios of all sorts directly;
* Support using with command line;
* Combine several video and audio files to one video file;
* Demultiplex or extract video and audio;
* Multiplex video and audio to one file;

Flv Nelly Mosser audio extract and decode.

Total Video Converter supports reading the following file formats:

Total Video Converter Output Formats

Video Formats:

Convert from Real Video Rmvb (.rm,.rmvb)
Convert from MPEG4 (.mp4)
Convert from 3gp (.3gp, 3g2)
Convert from Game Psp (.psp)
Convert from MPEG1 (.mpg, mpeg)
Convert from MPEG2 PS (.mpg, mpeg, vob)
Convert from MPEG2 TS (DVB Transport Stream)
Convert from DIVX (.divx)
Convert from Ms ASF (.asf, .wmv)
Convert from Ms ASF (.asf, .wmv)
Convert from Ms AVI (.avi)
Convert from Macromedia Flash video FLV (.flv)
Convert from Apple Quicktime (.mov)
Convert from FLIC format (.fli, .flc)
Convert from Gif Animation (.gif)
Convert from DV (.dv)
Convert from Matroska (.mkv)
Convert from ogm (.ogm)
Convert from Video Formats Dx9 Directshow can open

Audio Formats:

Convert from CD audio (.cda)
Convert from MPEG audio (.mp3, mp2)
Convert from Ms WAV (.wav)
Convert from Ms WMA (.wma)
Convert from Real Audio (.ra)
Convert from OGG (.ogg)
Convert from Amr audio (.amr)
Convert from AC3 (.ac3)
Convert from SUN AU format (.au)
Convert from Macromedia Flash embedded audio (.swf)
Convert from Audio Formats Dx9 Directshow can open

Game Video Formats:

Technologies format, used in some games(.4xm)
Playstation STR
Id RoQ used in Quake III, Jedi Knight 2, other computer games
Format used in various Interplay computer games,Interplay MVE
Multimedia format used in Origin’s Wing Commander III computer game,WC3 Movie
Used in many Sega Saturn console games, Sega FILM/CPK
Multimedia formats used in Westwood Studios games, Westwood Studios VQA/AUD
Used in Quake II, Id Cinematic (.cin)
Used in Sierra CD-ROM games, Sierra VMD
Used in Sierra Online games, .sol files
Electronic Arts Multimedia, Matroska
Used in various EA games; files have extensions like WVE and UV2
Nullsoft Video (NSV) format

Total Video Converter supports reading the following file formats:

Convert to MPEG4(.mp4)
Convert to 3gp(.3gp, 3g2)
Convert to Game Psp (.psp)
Convert to MPEG1 (.mpg, mpeg)
Convert to NTSC, PAL DVD mpeg and Burn to DVD disc
Convert to NTSC, PAL SVCD mpeg and Burn to SVCD disc
Convert to NTSC, PAL VCD mpeg and Burn to VCD disc
Convert to Ms Mpeg4 AVI (.avi)
Convert to Divx AVI (.avi)
Convert to Xvid AVI (.avi)
Convert to H264 AVI (.avi)
Convert to Mjpeg AVI (.avi)
Convert to HuffYUV AVI (.avi)
Convert to Swf Video (.swf)
Convert to Flv Video (.flv)
Convert to Gif Animation (.gif)
Convert to Mpeg4 Mov (.mov)
Convert to Apple Quicktime (.mov)
Convert to DV (.dv)
Convert to WMV (.wmv)
Convert to HD Mpeg TS (.ts)
Convert to ASF (.asf)

Audio Formats:

Convert to MPEG audio(.mp3, mp2)
Convert to Ms WAV (.wav)
Convert to Ms WMA (.wma)
Convert to OGG (.ogg)
Convert to Amr audio (.amr)
Convert to AC3 (.ac3)
Convert to SUN AU format (.au)
Convert to m4a (mp4 audio)
Convert to aac (aac audio)
Convert to mmf (mmf audio)
Convert to Flac (flac audio)

Membuat Windows XP Menjadi Genuine

Microsoft sebagai develop windows, rasanya sah2 saja jika melakukan razia terhadap pelanggan gelapnya (windows bajakan). Nah seiring perkembangan dunia internet yang makin maju… ternyata windows bajakan dapat di sulap menjadi genuine. Salah satu caranya adalah dengan tool ini. Semoga tool ini dapat bermanfat bagi pengunjung situs ini.

Di dalam packing ini terdapat 2 tool. yang pertama microsoft genuine advantage diagnostic tool 1.5.0540.0 yang berfungsi untuk mendeteksi semua produk2 microsoft, dan yang kedua berisi magical jelly bean keyfinder v1.41 yang berfungsi untuk mencari dan menemukan serial key produk2 microsoft yang terinstal di komputer kita.

Penjelasan singkat:
1. microsoft genuine advantage diagnostic tool 1.5.0540.0:
Double klik pada microsoft genuine advantage diagnostic tool.exe , jika windows anda asli, maka akan mendapat notifikasi seperti gambar ini. wga genuine windows tool detector
Tetapi jika windows anda bajakan, maka notifikasi genuine yang berwarna hijau akan menjadi merah. Artinya, anda harus menggunakan tool kedua. yaitu:

2. Magical jelly bean keyfinder v1.41
Cara penggunaanya, silahkan doble klik pada keyfinder.exe dan anda akan melihat serial number windows yang terinstal. Nah anda tinggal klik option, klik change windows key dan anda tinggal masukkan serial key yang genuine. Serial key ini sudah termasuk dalam packing ini.

Sebagian antivirus mendeteksi tool magical jelly bean keyfinder v1.41 sebagai malware. Abaikan saja. Karena pada dasarnya, tool ini adalah trik ber-windows ria.

Jika anda berminat dengan packing tool ini, silahkan download Membuat Windows Xp menjadi Genuine


Esset NOD32 Antivirus adalah antivirus terbaik saat ini.  Anda dapat mendownload software ini di sini.

Download Esset Nod32 Antivirus


Aku tulis pamplet ini
karena lembaga pendapat umum
ditutupi jaring labah-labah
Orang-orang bicara dalam kasak-kusuk,
dan ungkapan diri ditekan
menjadi peng – iya – an

Apa yang terpegang hari ini
bisa luput besok pagi

Ketidakpastian merajalela.
Di luar kekuasaan kehidupan menjadi teka-teki
menjadi marabahaya
menjadi isi kebon binatang

Apabila kritik hanya boleh lewat saluran resmi,
maka hidup akan menjadi sayur tanpa garam
Lembaga pendapat umum tidak mengandung pertanyaan.
Tidak mengandung perdebatan
Dan akhirnya menjadi monopoli kekuasaan

Aku tulis pamplet ini
karena pamplet bukan tabu bagi penyair
Aku inginkan merpati pos.
Aku ingin memainkan bendera-bendera semaphore di tanganku
Aku ingin membuat isyarat asap kaum Indian.

Aku tidak melihat alasan
kenapa harus diam tertekan dan termangu.
Aku ingin secara wajar kita bertukar kabar.
Duduk berdebat menyatakan setuju dan tidak setuju.

Kenapa ketakutan menjadi tabir pikiran ?
Kekhawatiran telah mencemarkan kehidupan.
Ketegangan telah mengganti pergaulan pikiran yang merdeka.

Matahari menyinari airmata yang berderai menjadi api.
Rembulan memberi mimpi pada dendam.
Gelombang angin menyingkapkan keluh kesah

yang teronggok bagai sampah
Kegamangan. Kecurigaan.

Aku tulis pamplet ini
karena kawan dan lawan adalah saudara
Di dalam alam masih ada cahaya.
Matahari yang tenggelam diganti rembulan.
Lalu besok pagi pasti terbit kembali.

Dan di dalam air lumpur kehidupan,
aku melihat bagai terkaca :
ternyata kita, toh, manusia !

Pejambon Jakarta 27 April 1978
Potret Pembangunan dalam Puisi

Bagikan ke teman


Rumahku dari unggun-unggun sajak
Kaca jernih dari segala nampak

Kulari dari gedung lebar halaman
Aku tersesat tak dapat jalan

Kemah kudirikan ketika senjakala
Dipagi terbang entah kemana

Rumahku dari unggun-unggun sajak
Disini aku berbini dan beranak

Rasanya lama lagi, tapi datangnya datang
Aku tidak lagi meraih petang
Biar berleleran kata manis madu
jika menagih yang satu

April 1943

Bagikan ke teman